Interested in what your subscription includes? This page highlights each feature and describes how it will benefit your swimming!

The workout on the left shows the typical layout for any swim workout. The first line is always the warm up, which is followed by a few drill exercises. The warmup and the drills together are referred to as the pre-main set. After the pre-main set comes the main set that can be divided into a couple or so smaller sets. This is the bulk of the workout and includes various exercises that relate to the theme of the week. After the main set is the cool down set, which is usually one or two quick items that will help slow your heart rate down and relax your body prior to exiting the pool. The distance will always be given so you can record it in the swim log we provide for you if you want. All of the terminology and notation is explained in the Supplemental Information section which you will have access to once you purchase your subscription.

The workouts themselves are all downloadable PDFs that you can easily print and take to the pool. It doesn’t matter if you are swimming yards or short course meters or long course meters, the intervals you will be given are tailored both for you and for the pool.

All workouts will typically be given as 3,000 yards (or meters). If you want to swim less, then simply cut the amount of repetitions in each set in half. If there is only one repetition, you may cut it in half as well. This will give you roughly 1,500 yards (or meters) a swim. If you want to swim more, you can either do the whole workout twice through, or you can double the main set. Doing so will give you roughly 4,000-5,000 yards (or meters).


One of the main principles of Four Strokes Coaching is interval training. Therefore, we have created multiple interval calculators, the main one being the CSS (Critical Swim Speed) calculator on the left. This calculator will enable you to get your own customized intervals for various distances associated with your stroke. There is also a swim ratio test that evaluates how balanced your swimming is and pinpoints what aspects of your stroke you need to work on. You are also able to save your CSS intervals and swim ratio results to view them later and check your progress.

For swimmers that want less intense training we have created generic interval tables that have a range of times associated with a more generic interval for various distances (25, 50, 100, etc.) corresponding to the three different pool lengths (SCY, SCM, LCM). Along with the CSS and generic interval tables, we also provide you with rest times if you would prefer not to use intervals.

The interval and tools section is also an area to store your best times, known as personal records, so you can view them later. Ultimately, the overall goal of this section is to provide with all the customized resources to monitor your progress.

Drills are essential to any stroke in order to help develop proper technique which then translates to quicker swimming. Each stroke has its own set of drills which focus on an array of technique topics. These topics include kicking, pulling, proper breathing, and turns.

Each drill is filmed from two angles, a side angle and a straight on view. This is done so you can see all the technicalities from different perspectives.


The swim log is an interactive calendar feature that will help monitor how much you swim. All you need to do is set a monthly swim distance goal in either yards or meters and go swim. If this goal changes, you always have the option to edit it.

In order to log an entry, you would click on the day you swam, enter the distance swum, the duration of the swim, along with any notes about the swim. Perhaps you set a new personal best, or you really enjoyed the workout! The calendar then displays the distance you swam, and you move closer to your goal.


The gym exercises and stretches section provides you with swim specific exercises that train key muscle groups which are used extensively in swimming. The workouts all have a purpose section which describes how the exercise relates to swimming; an instructions section which is a step by step guide on how to perform the exercise; a suggested repetitions section which tells you how many times to perform the exercise; and a muscles trained section which shows which muscles the exercise targets.

For your convenience, the workouts are all available for PDF download so you can print them and take them with you.


The Supplemental Information page is broken up into three main sections: general tips, reference material, and glossary of swim terminology. These sections are intended to answer questions, provide guidance, and explain the terminology used by Four Strokes Coaching and the swimming world in general.

Along with all the features mentioned above, Four Strokes Coaching encourages members to send their questions or comments directly to a coach.

As with all physical activity, consult with your doctor prior to attempting any of these exercises. If you have any questions, please browse our FAQ page and reach out to us at