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  • tick We provide you with swim workouts, interval calculators, swim ratio tests, drill videos, gym exercises, and other swimming resources so all you have to do is go swim!
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  • tick Our coaching is perfect for swimmers that do not have time to practice with a workout group because of time conflicts, but can swim on their own.
colon colon "I have been around the sport of swimming for over 15 years, as a swimmer, coach, and student of the sport. I began swimming when I was six- little did I know then that I would fall in love with the sport. I swam for a club team, Bure-Aqua, for the next eight years, going to both Colorado State and Silver State meets multiple times for my freestyle and butterfly. I continued my swimming all throughout high school and college, chasing a dream of going to the Olympic Trials. After college graduation I started coaching and swimming with United States Masters Swimming. I fell in love with coaching because it was a way for me to give back to the swimming community and further enhance my swimming knowledge. Now, I feel more engaged as ever. I am a member of American Swim Coaches Association, USA Swimming, and Masters Swimming where I placed 9th at the 2015 Spring Nationals in the 200 butterfly. As a coach I am always on the lookout for new cutting edge swim techniques that I then pass along to my swimmers. My ultimate goal is to empower every swimmer to be the best person they can be both in the pool and out." Michael Botyarov Founder and Head Coach