Should I ever train faster than my CSS interval?

Unless the workout says swim this at race pace, or sprint, you should not swim faster than your CSS interval.

I am getting an 'html5: video not found error' when I try to access video content, how do I fix it?

An 'HTML5: Video file not found' error indicates the browser you are using doesn't support HTML5, ensure that you enable HTML5 when attempting to view content.

How often should I check my CSS interval?

You can check it as many times as you’d like, however we recommend that you check it on a monthly basis. Dropping even a few seconds is a big accomplishment, and it takes time to do so.

Do I always have to do my swim sets on an interval?

No. We all have our off days, if you would like to take an easy day here and there, by all means go ahead and swim as your own pace, with rest times after each set instead of an interval.

Does Four Strokes Coaching issue any refunds?

No. Online coaching is classified as intellectual property and once you purchase a subscription you automatically have access to all the content you paid for, therefore we do not issue any refunds.

How do I renew my subscription? Does it auto-renew?

Your subscription is set to auto-renew, however you may pause it at any time.

If I purchase a subscription after my current one expires, will I lose all my information? (swim logs, interval log, etc.)

No. Since you registered to the program once, we have your account on file. All you would need to do is purchase another subscription and it will automatically reactivate your account.

How many stroke subscriptions can I purchase at a time?

One. We believe that in order to get the most benefit from this program, you should focus on one stroke at a time. However, you can always change and select another stroke once your subscription expires.